Your tool to easier meetups.

All in one scheduling and messaging app.
Share your flexible time with friends so they know when you can hangout.
Find out which friends are available to grab lunch. Avoid the needless back and forth.



CaughtUp Beta is available for Android on the Google Play Store. The purpose of this is to help get design feedback and catch bugs to improve on the application.



Not Published Yet

Will be out on beta March 2018.



Features that help you stay in the moment rather than stay on your phone.

See Friends Availabilities

Efficient friend matching based on overlapping free time.

Geolocation Friend Search

Relevant friend recommendations makes adding friends easy.

Easy Scheduling

Don't spend more than a minute creating your schedule.

Instant Messaging

Messaging they way it should be. Simple.

Delete Messages

Say what you need to say. Delete the message afterwards.

Google Sign In

We use email to verify that your friends are real

Help us keep friends face to face.

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